Barix IP Audio

Reliable. Intelligent. Flexible.

You have a network. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) and convergence have been driving more and more devices to connect to your network. Barix has been solving network connected Audio solutions for over a decade. Let us help you apply this experience to meet your needs.

Branded In-store Audio. Talking Sign Boards. Security.

Branded In-store Audio. Talking Sign Boards. Security. LineQ brings you a national network of resellers, dealers and installers that can design and install IP audio solutions from Barix. With a full line of Barix solutions at their finger tips, LineQ’s network can design and install everything from cutting edge in-store audio solutions to advanced security systems.

Cornered Audio Speakers

Design. Performance. Value.

Speakers should not be an after thought. Owners, Architects and Interior Designers choose Cornered Speakers because they look good. AV installers and audiophile sound engineers choose Cornered Speakers because they sound fantastic! Choose Cornered and get design and performance in a single value priced product.


Two cabinets can be coupled together back-to-back and mounted flush onto walls and ceilings while offering 180 degrees of coverage with minimum phase cancellation between the cabinets. Three cabinets can be mounted together around a corner, offering 270 degrees of coverage. And four cabinets can be mounted together and hung from the ceiling, offering 360 degrees of dispersion. Missing the bass to your music? Add a beautifully designed sub-woofer that doubles as a comfortable seat.

Ecler Sound

Professional Sound starts with Ecler.

The Spanish pro-audio invasion – LineQ brings you ECLER! Quality professional amplifiers engineered and built in Spain for nearly 60 years, finally landing on USA shores. For professional audio installations that need pro audio equipment, Ecler has the solution for you. LineQ’s network of designers and installers can create the proper system to meet your audio needs.

Store Streams offers

Newest music guaranteed

We offer the newest tracks by today’s mega artists. Choose from over 20 genre stations that are updated daily. Custom stations are available to help create the perfect vibe for your retail outlet

Branded radio for your retail outlet

Store Streams can insert messages into your own custom station to announce specials, limited time offers and seasonal products. You provide the copy, we provide the talent and recording sessions.

Easy streaming & hardware solutions

Simply connect your speakers or PA system to your computer or favorite mobile device and press play! No hardware required. Store Streams also offers fully integrated hardware solutions for your retail outlet

Need a sound system for your retail outlet?
We got you covered!
Purchase a complete in store audio solution and get 6 months free basic music service!

In Store Audio Equipment and Bundled Specials

Store Streams and LineQ have partnered to offer you turnkey solutions for your in store audio project.

Store Streams and LineQ offer complete in store audio hardware for your next project. LineQ sells quality commercial grade equipment that includes everything from Internet radio receivers, power amps, wall and ceiling mount speakers for your business. Purchase a bundled hardware solution and get 6 months free basic music service from Store Streams.

Bundled Sale Items

Streaming Content by Store Streams – Special Price: $265.00 was $385.00
You already have a sound system and need a music service at your business locations. LineQ and Store Streams offer you a bundled service offering that includes a streaming media player and 6 months basic music service. Solution (1) Barix SNP, 6 months basic music service from Store Streams.
Quality Sound by Ecler Sound – Special Price: $994.00 was $1114.00
Do you need a sound system or you want to upgrade your current system. Ecler ceiling speakers are great retrofits and provide quality sound at an affordable price. Solution (1) Barix SNP, 6 months basic music service from Store Streams, (1)-CA120 Ecler amp and (4) IC5 Speakers
Premium Sound by Cornered Speakers – Special Price: $1312.00 was $1432.00
Do you want premium sound? Cornered Speakers or C3 is an extremely compact speaker designed for background sound applications in upscale shops, restaurants and cafes. With an ultra long-throw 4″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter with silk dome, the solid ABS cabinet with MDF baffle offers excellent sound while taking up a minimum of space. Solution (1) Barix SNP, 6 months basic music service from Store Streams, (1)-CA120 Ecler amp and (4) C3 Speakers

Field Ordering Software

Digital Product Manager.

Digital Product Manager. LineQ has implemented an advanced “field software” platform for designing, installing and maintaining LineQ products. Simply create a new project on an Android or iOS device and add the equipment you need for each room. Click “ORDER” and a full materials list will be sent to LineQ and cc: you with confirmation of your order. Tracking from order, to installation to a complete systems manual for your customer, the LineQ digital product manager is the simplest way to train and handover useful documentation to your customer on how their system works, including system manuals and even custom training videos that you can shoot yourself on-site. If you are an authorized LineQ reseller or installer and you share the LineQ Digital Product Manager, you AUTOMATICALLY get credit for each sale that occurs through a dealer or end user that purchases through the platform login you setup for them.


Scalable. Mobile. Intelligent.

In addition to the LineQ digital product management platform, we can also manage, develop and custom build applications to help complete solutions targeting enterprise and consumer applications. Call LineQ today to learn more.